Comprehensive Threat Assessments Help Organizations Anticipate Cyber Attacks


Given the number of cyber attacks, and the fact that threat actors are targeting all types of organizations (public/private, large/small, industrial/non-profit, etc.), it’s easy to see that cybersecurity is an issue every business and government entity must tackle.  But, how can you stay constantly prepared and prevent every attack?

The short answer is, you can’t.

Cybersecurity experts agree that it’s not a matter of if, but when your organization will suffer a cyber breach.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to be a “sitting duck” either.  There are tools and strategies available that can help keep your organization alert and aware so that cyber attacks can be anticipated and it’s effects muted through a resilient response.

One of the important cyber preparedness tools at any business or municipality’s disposal is a comprehensive threat assessment.  Reviewing the potential cyber attackers targeting your organization and how they threaten the security of your data is essential in order to defend against them.  Not only that, should you get attacked, if it can be anticipated, the organization will lose fewer assets, and experience a shorter recovery period.  Innové Strategy President Brandon Neff notes:

The reality is that incident response is inherently reactive. In order to ensure corporate infrastructure and data are secure, companies must become more anticipatory when it comes to Cyber Strategy.  Our approach helps companies get out in front of the next cyber threat.

Comprehensive threat assessments should be performed regularly in order to be the most reliable.  It is also advisable in most instances to have these reviews performed by an external entity in order to ensure objectivity.  Innove’s team of former NSA professionals, strategy consultants and executive leaders is uniquely prepared to offer intelligent, objective cyber advisory services, including comprehensive threat assessments, to support client teams in overcoming the new cyber challenges we’re facing today.

Once complete, the information gained from comprehensive threat assessments should be integrated into the organization’s cyber preparedness measures as well as it’s overall operational procedures for maximum impact.  With these anticipatory strategies in place, companies and governments will be better prepared to defend against, and respond to any cyber attack.  To discuss how we can aid your business or government agency with cyber preparedness and resiliency strategy, please contact Innové Strategy President, Brandon Neff at