Cyber Security Strategy and Utility Providers


As we move further and further toward digitization, cyber security has become a pressing issue for any business or government organization.  That said, there are unique situations utility providers must address in order to protect their assets and their customers from exposure to cyber crime

Whether it be power, water, sewer, or gas utilities remain an ideal target for cyber criminals.  This is primarily because they not only hold data assets, utility companies provide necessary services that, if interrupted or corrupted, could cause grave consequences.  Given this it’s essential that utility companies work with experienced cybersecurity professionals in order to construct  and implement the most thorough cyber strategy possible.  Innové Utility was created to meet these specialized needs.

Our team of former NSA professionals, strategy consultants, and executive leaders has extensive experience providing cyber security support to a range of utility companies in our home state of Texas and beyond.  We offer our clients objective cyber advisory services with an intelligence-based approach designed to help clients:

  • Understand the threat environment the organization is facing.
  • Protect systems and data from malicious actors by identifying and eliminating internal security gaps.
  • Evaluate vendors’ cybersecurity strategy to ensure compliance and further enhance protection.
  • Reduce the financial risk of cyber crime.
  • Optimize value for cyber security dollars spent.
  • Build the cyber resiliency of your workforce, policies, and procedures.

In addition to these services, we also work with executive teams to ensure better coordination and response to cyber issues throughout the organization by coordinating regular cyber response drills and reassessment.  While prevention is key, it’s almost guaranteed a breach will eventually will occur.  Regular work like this helps each member of the organization understand her/his responsibility should a cyber event occur thereby promoting a faster response time, minimizing damage, and improving organizational resilience.

Although it’s possible to craft a successful cyber strategy internally, having an experienced team on your side can ensure your utility company follows an intelligent cyber strategy.  One that will keep your assets secure and the entire organization prepared to address any cyber crime that should occur.  Contact Greg Flores, President of Innové Utility at for more informaiton.