Cyber Security Training and How it Can Improve Resiliency


In order to keep your organization protected, it’s important to recognize that no matter how effective your current cybersecuity strategy is, a breach could (and likely eventually will) still occur.  Given this, businesses and Government agencies need to identify, fund, and develop a critical base of resources to immediately draw upon in the aftermath of a breach.  One of the most important of these is a well trained cyber response team.

In many cases, organizations rely solely on their IT Department for cyber security.  While this is understandable, it is impossible for this one branch of the organization to successfully respond to, and recover from a cyber attack all on its own.

Instead, companies and governments should work to integrate other key offices into cyber security and resiliency planning including Operations, Public Relations, Marketing, and Human Resources.   By developing a team of individuals across C-suite functions that are capable of a coordinating a comprehensive response in the aftermath of a cyber attack, your organization will be far more prepared to contain the breach, reduce the possible damage of the attack, and allow for normal operations to resume more rapidly.

However, if this team is to be effective, it must be well trained.  Individuals skilled in marketing or human resources for example, aren’t going to necessarily be well versed in cyber security.  With regular cyber workforce development training though, everyone in the organization will become more informed on cybersecurity overall, and prepared to do their part during a breach; which will help ensure the company is safer and more resilient in the process.

Once instituted, the organization’s cyber training must be regularly updated and tested.  Regular cyber drills are an ideal way to ensure each member of the organization understands their role in the cyber response plan, as well as provide an opportunity to identify gaps and make adjustments to further improve protection and resiliency.  Not only that, cyber attackers are constantly evolving.  Regular cyber security training and drills allow organizations to update their response plan to account for this and further improve their response and resiliency.

For many organizations whether public or private, large or small, cyber security and resiliency strategy is not their expertise.  At Innové our team of former NSA professionals, strategy consultants, and executive leaders provide intelligent and objective cyber advisory training and support to help client teams produce an informed, coordinated response in the face of a cyber attack. To discuss your organization’s needs, please contact Innové Strategy President Brandon Neff at