Five Ways Teachers are Utilizing Technology in the Classroom


This week (May 8-12 2017) is National Teacher Appreciation Week.  Each year during the first full week in May, students and their families celebrate the teachers in their lives that are helping them learn and grow.  Not only are teachers instructing the students in their classrooms though, they’re also constantly learning themselves as well.

One of the new ways teachers are doing their best to help all of their students in their class is by utilizing technology in the classroom.  Technology has a range of benefits for learners of all ages when used properly.  Some of the ways teachers are using technology in the classroom beyond informing their individual subject instruction include –

  • Teachers have found an improved capability for Individualizing instructional plans so that learners can move at their own pace more easily even in larger classrooms.
  • Technology provides teachers with an ability to offer more concrete support to students right when it’s needed to make learning more efficient and to intervene sooner should a student require a different type of instruction.
  • Utilizing technology in the classroom offers teachers an opportunity to prepare students for a realistic work environment.  Nearly all career niches employ technology to some extent and students benefit from learning these skills early.
  • Teachers are able to improve communication with guardians through various apps and email without adding to their already heavy workload.
  • Through the use of technology teachers are able to find a support network to help them support each of their students to the best of their ability.  Teachers from all over the world can also now learn from and inspire each other through online networking.

Teachers are finding other benefits technology can bring to their classroom as well while, at the same time, learning more about its limitations.  To explore all the options technology can bring to any learning environment please contact Innove Technology Vice President James Phillips at