How to Stay on the Cutting Edge When You Aren’t a Tech Company


Utilizing the right technology can bring a range of different benefits to any public or private organization.  However, if you’re not a tech company, how can you possibly stay on the cutting edge of this fast paced industry?  Working with an experienced technology group can be an efficient way to address this disconnect.

Creating an internal technology department can take time.  While this may be the solution for some companies, many can rely on the use of technology consultants instead.  This way, there is access to experienced support immediately; but only when it’s needed.

Working with an organization like Innové also allows businesses and government agencies to maintain their focus on the essential operational tasks while we take care of ensuring all technology is up to date and secure.  Otherwise, the C suite executives will need to redirect their attention to the hiring, training, and management needs of the new tech staff.

Our highly knowledgeable team begins by understanding your specific business or organizational objectives.  Then we’ll identify emerging tech trends, along with those market players that impact your future business or mission plans.   From a business perspective, we provide market assessments, and develop plans to create competitive advantage and set you apart. For government clients, we provide your team with insight on how new technologies will impact your mission along with analytic frameworks, tradecraft, and formal training programs to help analysts integrate new capabilities into their tool kit.

When an organization is able to utilize the optimal technology at all times they will be able to remain agile and on the cutting edge of their industry.  To discuss how Innové can help your public or private organization make the most of current tech trends, contact Innove Technology Vice President James Phillips at