Founder’s Vision

Our ongoing livelihood as a society and a free enterprise economy has been, and will continue to be, driven by visionaries with the freedom and opportunity to dream, step out and do something bigger than themselves. BRAD MORRISON


Founder and CEO, Brad Morrison’s vision is to orchestrate a "plug and play" consulting and technology solutions company, affording like-minded entrepreneurs the opportunity to harness shared leadership, infrastructure, and talent to deliver consulting and technology solutions for their clients, gain profits, and grow within an already proven company. This eliminates the risk, waste, and red tape associated with establishing and operating their own individual business ventures. This approach also creates a powerful network of resources to help the entrepreneur more quickly advance their business and equity position.

To realize this vision, our company is building the Innové Business Alliance. We are actively seeking people, or teams of people, with deep customer relationships, focused technical know-how, and proven experience in achieving exceptional client results. Our model provides an optimal business building platform for consultative entrepreneurs to realize their opportunity. It is especially beneficial to enterprising individuals in markets with high barriers to entry such as government, aerospace and defense, critical infrastructure, utilities, and healthcare.  As our business platform provides for disciplined agility, we are ideally suited to scale globally and are not limited by geography.

Our leadership team stands ready to help the few select entrepreneurs build a successful business and exploit opportunity faster with less risk.


We value entrepreneurial passion, integrity, resourcefulness, and execution discipline leading to opportunity.


Our goal is for the Innové Platform to facilitate $1B in exchanged consulting services and value over the next 25 years.


Innové promises to be the best place for enterprising consultants and technologists to seize their entrepreneurial opportunity with greater speed and less risk.

Shared Culture

Though each Innové business line is distinct, none can be viewed in isolation, as they are part of a whole. Business lines succeed only when they embrace the mutual trust that bonds all practices together. Each business gains strength from the others, and each delivers opportunity to—and receives opportunity from—the others.

Just as Innové is not about any single business, neither is it about any given individual. Our business emphasizes the importance of the team, and the team thrives on trust. We collaborate, co-create, and cooperate to deliver value to our clients. Each of us strengthens and delivers opportunity to the team, while also gaining strength and receiving opportunity.  Our businesses and our team flourish because they are based on the trust and opportunity that are fundamental to our common culture and vision.

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