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  • Innové is an ecosystem of entrepreneur led management consulting and technology services companies that deliver high impact results for government and commercial clients. The Innové Entrepreneur Platform is an entrepreneur-friendly business funding and enterprise class shared support infrastructure that helps aspiring entrepreneurs or enterprising teams get to market with speed and less risk than other business venture models. Platform inclusion provides entrepreneurs with access to the Innové Business Alliance, a peer-to-peer network that drives accelerated, accountable revenue capture and profitability.
  • Entrepreneurs benefit in a number of ways by being part of the Innové ecosystem; chief among them includes investment in the form of salary & benefits, working capital, sales leads, subcontract opportunities, past performance, technical and business administration shared support resources to keep the entrepreneur focused on sales and service delivery and accelerate to profitable growth.

Who Is It For?

Innové supports the launch and growth of aspiring entrepreneurs centered around high impact consulting or technology solutions. We seek those that can sell and deliver their offering with exceptional results, and those willing to accept the risk-reward trade-off of a business venture that may lead to financial rewards. It is not suited for those entrepreneurs that desire to self-finance, administrate and go-alone into business for themselves.

The Innové Entrepreneur Platform is ideal for those that seek entry into the complex, yet sizable, US Federal Marketplace. The US Government is the world’s largest buyer of products and services, with Military and Civilian Agency purchasing $200 billion a year in every category of commodities and services. Our platform includes in-place contracting mechanisms, security clearance, lead generation and proposal resources to eliminate a typical 18-24 month delay in doing business with the US Government.

For those in technology services, Innové offers direct access to the AT&T Partner Exchange as an AT&T Platinum Solution Partner. This provides access to thousands of potential buyers across the United States and abroad.


  • Time to first revenue & revenue acceleration
  • Risk Minimization – income stability with first rate benefits
  • Significant shareholder equity position


The Platform offers a menu of Business Strategy, Finance, Administration, Sales and Marketing support services that help the entrepreneur focus on growing their clientele and book of business. Most consultative or knowledge driven start-ups are not fundable by banks or early stage investors (angels, venture capitalists, etc.). The Innové Entrepreneur Platform provides a viable option to address this gap and seeks to partner with select entrepreneurs that value getting to market with speed and less risk.

How Do I Join?

Bring a new or existing contract

To join the Platform, an entrepreneur can bring a new or existing contract for service within a specified market relevant to Innové. Innové will move quickly to assist the entrepreneur by funding growth and accelerating revenue capture.

Joining an existing billable contract

An alternative way to join the Platform is to join an existing billable contract by contributing to and/or managing a relevant Innové contract service delivery task. While the entrepreneur is working the existing contract, they will also have full access to all Platform resources to help find and capture their own unique contract to bring to Innové.

Innové Business Alliance Members

James Phillips
James Phillips
Vice President, Innové Technology
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Brandon Neff
Brandon Neff
President, Innové Strategy
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Greg Flores
Greg Flores
President, Innové Utility
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