Innové Platform Benefits | Revenue Acceleration


The Innové Platform is a menu of purpose built services designed for aspiring consultative entrepreneurs.  The Platform leverages proven business support systems, infrastructure, and delivery resources to provide a range of different benefits, including revenue acceleration.  A faster time to first revenue and regular positive cash flow is of great advantage to entrepreneurs.  It not only allows them to focus more on building their book of business and ensuring the quality of their offerings, it also fuels the long term success and viability of their overall business venture.

Avoid Common Start-Up Hurdles, Get to First Revenue Faster

Revenue acceleration isn’t possible for most start-ups whether self funded or otherwise.  The inherent hurdles of becoming a corporate entity, staffing and recruiting, designing HR policies and procedures, and all the rest quickly get in the way and may even end up costing more than was budgeted.  The Innové Platform addresses these issues and provides consultative entrepreneurs with a better alternative.

Entrepreneurs that join The Platform begin their start-up journey with a functional, affordable, and easily manageable business infrastructure already in place.  As a result, they essentially side step many start up costs that would normally exhaust the resources of other new businesses, giving Platform members a head start.

Revenue Acceleration Possible in Federal Marketplace

Innové Business Alliance members can also get support from The Platform to help bid and win government contracts that would otherwise be out of reach for most new start-ups.  Through The Platform’s in-place contracting vehicles, security clearances, lead generation, and proposal resources members can eliminate the typical 18-24 month delay in doing government business.  Instead, they can begin bidding on government contracts immediately, accelerating time to first revenue. The support systems in place also promote revenue capture & acceleration beyond the first win, for the life of the business.

Revenue acceleration is now possible for consultative entrepreneurs; and you can experience it for yourself by joining The Innové Platform.  Simply contact our COO, Blaine Lewis at to find out how to get started.