Leveraging the Power of Secure Wireless Sensor Technology


Smart technology has been developing rapidly and now plays a range of different roles in both the public and private sector.  Through wireless sensor networks (WSNs) industries and municipalities have been able to refine utility and resource management, traffic departments, libraries, health care provision, and much more.  However, these smart city initiatives can only be as successful as they are secure.

Just as every industry can benefit from wireless sensors and smart technology innovation, they can also experience the cost of a security breach if these networks aren’t secure.  An intelligence-based approach that helps guide your understanding of the current and future threat environment, evaluate the cyber security status of vendors, identify and eliminate security gaps, and optimize value for dollars spent can provide the balance required for innovative, secure wireless sensor technology advances.

For many pubic and private organizations however, this is not their main line of business.  In this situation it is advisable to consult with an external resource that can provide current cyber security knowledge.  Innové is uniquely positioned to provide services that will allow clients to leverage the power of wireless sensor technology while supporting the security of their projects as well. In partnership with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, Innové acts as a system integrator using ISO 9001 quality processes to design, build, and manage secure networks, to interconnect sensors, and enable the vision of secure smart cities.

Given the variety of threat actors today the requirement for secure wireless sensor networks must be met by all organizations.  To discuss how the skilled professionals at Innové can support cybersecurity for smart technology development contact Brandon Neff, President of Innové Strategy at brandon.neff@innove.com.