Look for Small, Cross-Functional Teams for Comprehensive Insight


In both the public and the private sectors leaders are challenged to keep their companies innovative and secure.  To achieve this often requires strategic guidance from experienced, trusted sources.  These external resources can offer a perspective those close to the organization can not.  They can also offer expertise in areas that although necessary, are not the specialty of your business or government agency.

In order to receive the best insights however, the right team must be chosen.  While there are range of different types of consultative organizations to choose from, one quality to look for in any company you’re considering is the use of small, cross-functional teams.  Instead of utilizing the knowledge of just one individual, or relying on a huge department, this choice offers a more comprehensive approach.

Cross-functional teams are made up of several experts within various disciplines working toward a common goal.  Given this, they’re able to have a more thorough understanding of your needs and of the solutions available than a single individual.  While, at the same time, they can also provide the type of personalized support necessary to catch problems and drive innovation.

Unlike internal CFTs, working with an external organization, like Innove, means that not only are these teams experienced at working with each other already, they’re also unbiased and not invested in any particular outcome except that which is best for the overall organization.  We’ve worked diligently to create consultative teams that can offer up the resources today’s business and government organizations need as well.  From Market Analysis, to IT Margin Improvement, To Cyber Resiliency, and more our team of experts is prepared and ready to provide the guidance and insight required so your institution can create breakthrough results.

To learn more about putting our team approach to strategy and consulting to work for your public or private organization please contact Innove Strategy President Brandon Neff at brandon.neff@innove.com.