Objective Cyber Advisory Services Key to Building Organizational Resilience


A successful cyber security strategy is essential today not only because it protects information, but also because it builds organizational resilience to cyber attacks.  However, it’s not something most entities have the skills to create alone.  We continue to have more cybersecurity job openings than there are skilled individuals to fill them.  And, the talent that does exist is often inexperienced.  Sourcing objective cyber advisory services from a proven outside entity can be another path toward creating a strategy that will keep data safe, and promote the return to normal functioning as quickly as possible should a breach occur.

In addition to accessing skilled talent, while internal cyber support can offer objective solutions, when you work with an outside entity, like Innové, there is a different perspective that can be offered.   We’re able to work as an impartial guide to help corporate and public sector executive teams align their cyber security planning and decisions with core business or mission objectives.  This allows for a cyber security strategy that increases efficiency as well as improves protection, response, and resilience.

This type of comprehensive guidance is only possible because of our specialized experience.  Our team of former NSA professionals, strategy consultants, and executive leaders are able to provide innovative cyber advisory services to help public and private institutions overcome the unique challenges of the current “post perimeter” cyber world. We bring an intelligence-based approach that can help organizations:

  • understand the threat environment
  • evaluate a more full set of vendor options
  • identify and eliminate security gaps
  • optimize value for dollars spent
  • build better team coordination during cyber attack response

It is not enough to focus only on keeping data secure.  Given the fact that cyber attackers become more sophisticated each day, a cyber breach is likely something every organization will eventually experience.  Therefore, you must be prepared to respond in a way that promotes organizational resilience in order to be truly secure.  To discuss our Cyber Resiliency Program and how Innove can support your public or private organization please contact Innove Strategy President Brandon Neff at brandon.neff@innove.com.