Reducing Insider Attacks With Cyber Security Employee Training


Workforce development opportunities are always important to the success of any organization, however, cybersecurity employee training has now become essential.  Not only are employees the first line of defense, they have also become one of the biggest threats to a business or government’s cyber security.

According to the recently released Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey 2017

“Cyber security vulnerability is at an all-time high, with a third of IT leaders (32 percent) reporting their organization had been subject to a major cyber-attack in the past 24 months – a 45 percent increase from 2013. Only one in five (21 percent) say they are “very well” prepared to respond to these attacks, down from 29 percent in 2014. Despite very visible headline-grabbing attacks such as the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, the biggest jump in threats comes from insider attacks, increasing from 40 percent to 47 percent over last year.

Given these numbers, it’s easy to see how investing in cybersecurity workforce training can improve protection.  With the right information, employees will not only have better cyber hygiene overall, they’ll also be more alert and aware so cyber attacks will be spotted faster.

In many cases, this enhanced cyber skill level will enable staff members to stop the breach all together.  In the event a a cyber attacker should get through, employees will be able to activate the cyber response plan sooner, contain the threat more successfully, and improve the organization’s resiliency.

For cyber security employee training to be most effective it should be scheduled regularly.  Each new team member should be well trained at the beginning of their employment with your organization as well.  Additionally, cyber response drills are recommended several times a year.

Most organizations aren’t skilled in cyber security and are ill prepared to train their staff with internal resources.  Innove’s team of former NSA professionals, strategy consultants, and executive leaders provide intelligent and objective cyber advisory services, including cyber security workforce development, to ensure better team coordination and response, and improved organizational resilience.  To begin developing a cyber security employee training strategy for your public or private organization, please contact Blaine Lewis, Innove COO at