Strategy & Consulting

Innové provides expert knowledge to help clients understand and solve discrete problems – knowledge to need. The intent is to provide novel perspectives on business challenges that lead to breakthrough results.

IT Consulting

The digital economy provides both opportunity and risk, and eventually your company will need to address their IT landscape to ensure it is prepared for any possible cyber incidents. As IT accelerates in its use, so does the probability of material data breach. Innové stands ready to apply expertise in defining how to deal with problems when they arise and how to respond with your reputation in mind. The intent is to provide novel perspectives that lead to breakthrough results and overall protection for your company.


By identifying, planning, executing and managing IT OPEX / Total Ownership Cost (TOC) reduction initiatives, Innové can provide valuable business impact and overall IT Margin Improvement. Our experience includes applying IT subject matter expertise to help identify opportunities for OPEX reduction, process improvement and O&M automation. We see the initiative through from recommendation to solution sourcing and implementation, and provide any necessary or routine maintenance. The focus of these efforts is to help CIO’s drive operations efficiency, cost reduction and assurance in IT operations.

Management Consulting

Innové offers a variety of management consulting services. Our consultants work in small cross-functional teams, allowing us to provide both functional and industry specific insight to ask the right questions, analyze the options, and provide actionable recommendations and breakthrough results.


Executives and management teams are faced with complex strategic decisions. In these critical times, when the right course of action can be the difference between success and failure, seeking counsel and support can be the smartest decision an executive can make. Among other things, Innové will help address concerns regarding the best option and path to take, and the impact a large strategic decision will have on the market, company mission, employees, leadership, and shareholders. Taking these factors into account, we apply relevant operational techniques to outline a unique decision tree, and quantifiably weigh the risks and rewards for competing outcomes, to provide the best pathway to address your most daunting strategic challenges.


The world is getting smaller, yet most executives have only a superficial understanding of cultures in countries where they seek to operate, expand, or secure cooperation. The biggest challenge is figuring out complex and diverse cultures. Unfortunately, executives often cite the analysis they receive is fairly generalized with distinctions, rifts, or other nuances whitewashed, or worse omitted altogether. Our approach moves beyond superficial awareness of language, customs, and history, into the deeper and less understood areas of a foreign culture to shed light on how your foreign interlocutor(s) may perceive you, your business or mission, as well as how they may approach the interaction, dialogue, or negotiation. Our approach can support executives involved in building bilateral or multilateral business or mission relationships with foreign businesses and/or government leaders.


Innové starts by understanding your specific business or organizational objectives, then identifies, assesses, and characterizes emerging tech trends and market players that impact your future business or mission plans. From a business perspective, we provide market assessments, and develop plans to create competitive advantage and set you apart from the competition. For government clients, we provide your team with insight on how new technologies will impact your mission, provide analytic frameworks, tradecraft, and formal training programs to help analysts integrate new capabilities into their tool kit.

Rapid IT Staff Augmentation

On-demand, rapid delivery of trusted knowledge workers. We source, deliver and manage systems and network task delivery efforts for optimal business impact. Unique in our approach is to leverage an existing network of vetted, trusted IT professionals to deliver knowledgeable, experienced staff with speed and precision within 24 hours of your request.

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