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Innové Strategy helps corporate and public sector executive teams align their cyber security planning and decisions with core business or mission objectives. Our team of former NSA professionals, strategy consultants, and executive leaders provide intelligent and objective cyber advisory services to help client teams overcome challenges in the current “post perimeter” cyber world. We bring an intelligence-based approach to help clients understand the the threat environment, evaluate a more full set of vendor options, identify and eliminate security gaps, and optimize value for dollars spent. Finally, we work with executive teams to ensure better team coordination and response, and improved organizational resilience if a breach or attack should occur.

Innové Difference

Innové Strategy provides expert knowledge for both commercial and government clients. Our consultants work to help companies understand and solve discrete problems in the areas of IT and Management - knowledge to need. Our consultants work in small cross-functional teams, allowing us to provide both functional and industry specific insight to ask the right questions, analyze the options and provide actionable recommendations. The intent is to provide novel perspectives on business challenges that lead to breakthrough results.

About Brandon

Brandon Neff helps corporate and government clients address challenges at the nexus of cyber security and strategy. Before founding Innové Strategy, Brandon worked as a Senior Corporate Strategy Consultant in the Bay Area. He is a former executive at the National Security Agency (NSA), where he founded a data analytics branch supporting global cyberoperations. During his tenure at NSA, Neff also led a Strategic Planning cell and served on the NSA Director’s Staff. Prior to NSA, he led mission planning for combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and across West Africa as a U.S. Special Operations Intelligence Officer. Brandon holds a Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government.

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