Tailored Cyber Security Solutions to Boost SIEM Readiness


The foundation of any organization’s SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) readiness is built by the security solutions in place.  Without tailored cyber strategies in place to correlate information and events, analyzing the security information your system is gathering becomes virtually impossible.  Instead, it’s all seen only as noise.  When your system is bombarded by all of this uncorrelated noise, it allows cyber events to go on completely unnoticed.

Building and deploying tailored cyber solutions to suit the business objectives, network topologies, and critical data and systems assets of each entity is the ideal way for organizations to develop solid SIEM capabilities.  Some organizations will be prepared to do this type of work on their own.  However, it can be a costly process.  Highly trained staff are required to build the SIEM process from the ground up, and then keep it well monitored and consistently updated throughout the lifetime of the organization.

Innové is prepared to offer a different solution.  Through our Information Risk Advisory program, we’re able to help public and private organizations identify the foundations of SIEM readiness, define the scope of cybersecurity solutions to be deployed, and develop the capabilities required.  Then we can either manage the system for you or we can work together to co-manage it.

Through this Information Risk Practice option enterprise and government clients are afforded a unique opportunity to employ tailored cyber strategies while maintaining their current organizational structure.  No resources need to be expended on recruiting and hiring new staff, or SIEM strategies that are incompatible with business objectives.  Instead, the organization defines the role it would like to take in it’s SIEM readiness and cyber solutions are designed with this in mind.

To explore how tailored cyber solutions can impact your public or private organization’s current SIEM readiness, please contact Brandon Neff, President of Innové Strategy at brandon.neff@innove.com.