Technology Solutions for Rural Oganizations Without Broadband Access


If you’re based in an urban area, like we are, you’ve probably had access to a fast, reliable internet connection for sometime now thanks to the trenched fiber that runs throughout your city.  Although as urban dwellers we may take this type of broadband access for granted, there are still “dead spots” out in more rural areas.

Organizations that operate, even partially, in more rural locations, can often obtain only minimal access to a secure, high-speed internet signal.  Some can’t get any broadband access at all.  If you’re part of an organization like this, you’ve likely experienced delays, increased expenditures, errors, and more as a result of the poor internet connectivity.  However, with the right technology solutions this can all be avoided.  Instead, your organization can enjoy high-speed broadband access wherever your facilities are located.

Innovative, fixed broadband wireless systems can now be employed to provide high-speed internet access for under-served areas over secure wireless links.  Using cost effective radios combined with a variety of mounting points including tower, pole, and rooftop we can design a way for your remote organization to access the internet wirelessly without the need for trenched fiber.

Through a turnkey design and fully managed service, remote or rural municipalities, industrial manufacturers, oil and gas operations, and other entities like these will be able to access these solutions with ease.  There’s no requirement for special training or an extra employee to manage your broadband system.  Innové can provide the support required to use and maintain the system throughout it’s lifespan.

Given these innovative wireless technology solutions, organizations that may require access to secure, high-speed internet and transport services in locations where they’re not available can now enhance their business impact by employing innovative solutions like these.  To begin solving your organization’s remote technology challenges, please contact Innové Technology Vice President James Phillips at