The Benefits of Computer Based Distance Learning Solutions


Distance learning got its start in the early nineteenth century in the form of correspondence courses.  Students and teachers would “correspond” by mail as opposed to meet in a traditional classroom to complete the required work, then a certificate would be earned.  Although it looks quite different decades later, distance learning continues to be a vital part of education and professional training solutions.

Today, computer based distance learning programs are being used by the military, small and large businesses, state and federal governments, the health care sector, and more in a variety of ways.  As distance learning has evolved, it has offered an increasing amount of benefits to the learner as well as employers and managers who need to keep their staff on the cutting edge.  Some of these benefits include:


Because of the limited overhead, ability to update and reuse the content, along with some of the other factors that will be explored below, computer based distance learning is more affordable than courses where students must physically attend classes.


Distance learning can be done at the learner’s convenience.  This means it’s accessible to a range of non-traditional students that otherwise would be unable to take advantage of these learning opportunities whether due to work, family or other time constraints.  While a huge advantage to learners, the accessibility of distance learning solutions is also a benefit to employers and supervisors as they’re able to draw talent from a more educated pool of candidates as well as more easily educate their internal staff.  This saves time and money, as well as informs the overall success of the organization.

Easily Customizable

Because computer based distance learning solutions are so easily customizable, there’s no longer a need for learners or employers to settle for continuing education opportunities that only marginally meet their needs.  Instead, courses can be specifically designed to cover whatever material needs to be reviewed.

Training Without Disruption

The accessibility of computer based distance learning solutions also offers the opportunity for training without disruption in the day to day activities of the organization.  Students too have the opportunity to continue their professional development without leaving their home or current career.  This benefit of computer based distance learning opportunities also adds to their affordability when compared with more traditional learning options.

In addition to these benefits, distance learning can speed up workforce training, and, materials can be updated as needed with less resource investment.   Once an organization is ready to take advantage of the myriad benefits distance learning opportunities offer, assembling the right team of technology specialists, instructional systems designers, and media specialists to develop the course is essential.  Our award winning team of experts has worked with a range of high profile clients to develop specialized professional training solutions that meet their specific requirements. To learn more about how your organization could benefit from our computer based distance learning solutions as well as our other workforce development resources please contact Karla Ebert, at