Why Every Organization Needs An Active Cyber Defense Plan


Although most organizations understand they must have a cybersecurity strategy, cyber defense is somewhat of a new concept for many, while others have yet to even consider it.  Unfortunately, with no active cyber defense plan in place, the organization is extremely vulnerable.

Cyber defense refers to an organization’s ability to anticipate, and defend against cyber attacks, and it is essential today.  Whether the organization is public or private, small or large, if hackers can catch it off guard, the system will be breached. Not only that, additional resources will be lost given the longer recovery period that will almost definitely follow.

Developing an active cyber defense strategy offers organizations an opportunity to prevent attacks from taking place as well as improve resiliency should a breach occur.  Part of this is because when an organization employs an active cyber defense plan, each individual, from the C-Suite down, understands their role in keeping data assets secure, as well as what to do if the system is compromised.  This allows the entire organization to reach a level of preparedness not possible otherwise.

It is no longer advisable for the IT department to tackle cyber security alone regardless of the organization.  Even the smallest business or government entity is vulnerable to cyber attacks, and, as a result, must have an active cyber defense strategy in place.  Only then will there be a chance to protect vulnerable data assets from cyber attackers.

For many organizations it will be wise to obtain strategic guidance from experienced security professionals in order to design an optimal cyber defense strategy.  To discuss your business or government’s unique cyber security and defense needs please contact  Innové  Strategy President Brandon Neff at brandon.neff@innove.com or  Innové CEO Brad Morrison at brad.morrison@innove.com.