Utilities Increasing Their Impact Through Innovation and the IIOT


Utilities are a group of essential organizations that cities could not function with out.  Today, many municipalities and utility companies are increasing their impact even further by utilizing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) in some very innovative ways.

The IIOT is essentially the application of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies (aka “smart devices”) in manufacturing and other large industries both public and private, including utility companies.

When it comes to utilities there are a range of ways the IIOT can help increase their business impact. Some of the primary ways utilities are currently applying IIOT technology is in campaigns to boost revenue and/or reduce costs.  Some of these options include

  • Billing System Analytics
  • Revenue Recovery Solutions
  • Customer Information System (CIS) and IT Modernization
  • Smart Wireless Technology Applications
  • Cyber Security Strategies
  • Data Analytics
  • Interoperability of Information Systems

In the recent article “How IIOT is Revolutionizing Utilities” James Gillespie, “Crunch Network Contributor” at TechCrunch.com shares some additional ways utilities, and water utilities in particular, are increasing their impact through technology innovations.  One of these new opportunities being afforded to utility companies is the ability to replace parts before they fail on their own.  Not only can this help avoid the great deal of costly damage failed parts can often create, it can do so all while still maximizing the life of each part for maximum efficiency.  According to the article,

“Predictive analytics are also solving monitoring problems that were not previously possible for utilities. For example, there are a large number of pumps that are commonly found within water facilities, and digitized data is making it possible for companies to accurately predict when these pumps might fail — ahead of time.”

Safety is being improved through the technology/utility partnership as well.  From adding the proper chemicals at the right time, to ensuring water doesn’t stay stagnant in a pipe too long, utilities are applying specialized IIOT technology to improve the safety of drinking water in innovative ways.  The article from TechCrunch mentions an example of how IIOT technology is being used to help ensure the safety of utility workers too.

“In Florida, the water division of the Orlando Utilities Commission is using IIoT technology to remind employees of protocol procedures when dangerous chlorine leaks are detected. The safety procedure is sent to a worker’s device to be confirmed before access to the contaminated area is granted.”

To explore how your organization can apply smart technology to help increase business impact, contact Innové Utility President Greg Flores at greg.flores@innove.com.  Greg and the rest of the experienced team at Innové are uniquely positioned to help utilities, along with other public and private organizations procure secure, turnkey technology solutions to boost revenue, reduce cost, manage risk, and promote overall success.